About us

Respecting Tradition, Embracing Modernity.

Today’s modern era is a strange time to be a watch enthusiast. The archaic movement and time-keeping ability of mechanical watches, although beautiful, are severely challenged by the convenience and safety offered by the Apple Watch.

As the practicality of the mechanical watch dwindles, justifying the purchase becomes less and less viable. However, we at Lucid Bands have found a way to not only respect tradition, but to embrace it; all while offering a practical and affordable compromise.

Why should you choose Lucid Bands?

We at Lucid Bands are purveyors of high-quality Apple Watch bands and accessories. We aim to bridge the gap between traditional design language and current, trendy, and fashion-forward aesthetics.

We offer leather, nylon, silicone, wood and stainless steel straps as well as a special Pride-themed strap collection. We’re confident that everyone will be able to find a strap that suits their taste; be it sporty, casual, or dress.

And if you’re still not convinced why Lucid Bands is the place for all watch lovers to be, then our 28 Day return and exchange policy, standard across all products, eliminate any risk in your decision.